Tibetan mastiff Sirius Nova - Chinese tibetan mastiff Do-khyi Sirius Nova



Thats one of reasons which gives strenght when there is so much work around my puppies. Thank you guys!

Zeus say hello
with his playmates
from his new home.

Chrisi is having hard time to still carry in arms her lovely 15 weeks old Jiao-Long.

This photo I got is calling for contest! :)
Hard to say if Kato (3 months) is nicer or the girl. Dog or her little owner?

Just three weeks from us and so matured!
We love you Kahn and send kisses to Germany.

Another top puppy going to USA. 7 weeks old female

Kalisto in her new home
with big guardian, also in Germany.

Jiao Long waiting for a black and tan girl from our actual litter to play with :) You had to wait a little time still smart baby boy.

Kahn in his new family in Germany.

tibetan mastiff

We got perfect message!

Our fluffy love Jammad flight overseas as first one for this year and it's already safe and sound in his new home.

He's home. He's absolutely beautiful, I'll love him and give him a very good home life.

Paul, New York

Wonderful experience all overal

Hamira doing very well, we love her and she loves our family.

Lisa C. Richmond, USA

Remarkable quality and professionality.

We bought a red girl from S.Medricka. All our family know that we have to buy puppy from Sirius Nova organization from the first contact. Comunication was excelent,correct and quickly.Freya is great and lovely puppy,our children found the best friend.We are so thankful.

Ramona G. San Juan, Argentina

Elza is such a sweet girl and easy trainable.

tibetan mastiff Thank you Simona so much! Elza is our first pet and she changed our lifes. She is playful, curious and hilarious. Thank you for opportunity get so perfect dog. Peope are telling us how beautiful she is and how amazing is spend time with she. Thanks again.

Lucas S. Belo Horizonte, Brasil

I can’t imagine buying a dog from anyone else.

We brought Gino home on 14th of April 2015. From first moment he was just great and lovely pet. It is nice to open the door after a long day in work and his cute face greet us every time. Sirius Nova organization-one from the best decision in our life

Sebastian L. Lisboa, Portugal

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