Tibetan mastiff Sirius Nova - Chinese tibetan mastiff Do-khyi Sirius Nova


Mother is our Baruntse Yo-Ba Sirius Nova and father is chinese male imported to Russia - Sato Hong Wang Of Long Cheng Kennel. Unfortunately we lost our lovely Yo-Ba. She is sadly missed. Luckily we found very quickly stepmother with help of our friends.
Hopefuly she will live through her children. We have 10 girls and 4 boys. In all possile shades of red.

tibetan mastiff Barsoom tibetan mastiff Barsoom
Sire Sato Hong Wang Of Long Cheng Kennel as a puppy and dam Yo-Ba Siriua Nova as a puppy.
tibetan mastiff Barsoom

17.12.2014 We add informations about coming litters for this season - puppies

Another trip to China, another perfect female in our kennel, name Lisa

Club show KCHMPP 2014

Finaly results from Club show of club KCHMPP also with a photo.
Kim won his baby class out of 3 babies and got just perfect description with wishing the bright future.
Mona Very Promising 1 and in final ring Best Puppy in Show III!
Priya - she did it! Won out of 4 females and is just one more stop close to finish Czech champion.

Sirius Nova's China Zhang Jie
Mona /7 months/ and Kim /almost 5 months/

We went to China and bring again the best from the best back to our kennel!

Zilla tibetan mastiff

Kim tibetan mastiff

Mona tibetan mastiff

19.4.2014 - Sirius Nova's China Zhang Jie

Fresh photo of our chinese import Mida

Sirius Nova's China Zhang Jie

The Tibetan Mastiff is a unique and magnificent breed. They are natural guardians and protect their family and home with marked dedication. At the top of the world in their native land of Tibet they were used as guardians of flock, domicile and monastary. Their true history remains an enigma but the Tibetan Mastiff is thought to be the foundation of many of the Mastiff breeds. They are not always eager to please which can make training a challenge but they are very intelligent and sensitive and respond best to a patient hand and a soft word. Socialization during the first two years of life is important to ensure a confident and outgoing companion. I continue to be struck by their quiet dignity and gentle beauty, they are truly a noble creature.
In order to introduce new bloodlines to the existing Tibetan Mastiff gene pool in the Europe, Sirius Nova Tibetan Mastiffs brought different top Tibetan Mastiff bloodlines directly from various locations in China, which ancestors are mainly from Yushu area to our kennel.
I totaly felt in love with chinese tibetan mastiff type. Dogs which are bought in China have very nice bones, fur and typical lion look. If you want to have almost real lion in your garden, there is a chance. Just get a puppy from us

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