Tibetan mastiff Sirius Nova - Chinese tibetan mastiff Do-khyi Sirius Nova


Litter X - the rainbow ċitter is growing.
A lot of work, a lot of effort with this enormous and colorful litter, but worth every minute. Pictured at 5 weeks of age.

Contact me for details and reservation.

BOOKED Blue girl (silver colour), BOOKED Gold girl (silver colour), BOOKED Grey girl (black & white colour),

AVAILABLE Pink girl (blue colour), AVAILABLE Violet girl (blue colour), AVAILABLE Yellow girl (silver colour)

AVAILABLE Aqua boy (silver colour), AVAILABLE Black boy (blue colour)

BOOKED Green boy (blue colour), AVAILABLE Red boy (blue colour), AVAILABLE Brown boy (silver colour)


Litter X
Time for some update of our miracle litter X - "The Rainbow litter".

- Some of them are AVAILABLE -

Contact me for details.

Blue collar girl (silver colour), Grey collar girl (black & white colour), Orange collar girl (silver colour)

Pink collar girl (blue colour), Violet collar girl (blue colour), Yellow collar girl (silver colour)

Black collar boy (blue colour), Brown collar boy (silver colour), Green collar boy (silver colour)

Pink-green collar boy (silver colour), Red collar boy (blue colour)

16.12.2019 LITTER X WAS BORN

Santa Claus came with his presents sooner. And what a gifts!
Whole big litter in rare combination of colors. First time in our 20 years in the breed. We might have silver or blue from time to time. But such a rainbow litter never. We are blessed. Litter is huge and as we don't expect such a number and also such a colors BLUE, SILVER puppies both genders are AVAILABLE.

Close up photo of one of the babies.

Few photos of the sire - Thanos on his own profile. More will be added later.

thanos_ancestors thanos_ancestors

For now here are a few photos of our imported red girl from China and mother of the litter - Lisa and some more at her profile.

Lisa in autumn 2019 and at her very early puppy age.

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