Tibetan mastiff Sirius Nova - Chinese tibetan mastiff Do-khyi Sirius Nova

For the last litter we choose something extra. Abroad blood with really heavy ancestors. J.D. is young stud dog with very elastic movement and kind personality. His headpiece is something to die for. He loves his family and is reserved with strangers. On photos still in summer coat.

As our previous litters seems almost booked here is your possibility to book your puppy for this year.

Mother Lisa gave us last year extraordinary litter from which were produced Juju, Jumanji, Jamad.....

13.3.2018 NEW PHOTOS OF J.D.

We got new photos of J.D., father of our last upcoming litter. Difference between his summer coat and actual is enormous. From this litter is booked one boy so there is your last chance to get your male puppy. In all previous litters almost all males has been booked before they were even born.

JD & Lisa

JD's father and mother, both pure chinese blood lines.

Tibetan mastiff JD's parents Tibetan mastiff JD's parents

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