Tibetan mastiff Sirius Nova - Chinese tibetan mastiff Do-khyi Sirius Nova

There are two possibilities to book Sirius Nova's puppy:

1. Booking fee. When you feel that you are seriously interested and decided to get puppy from Sirius Nova kennel you send 500 Euro to our bank account, or Paypal account or via Western Union. When I got it I contact you immediately and ask for your full information /adress, mobile phone, prefered choosen couple, color and gender/ , then send to you confirmation of booking and we are in touch. You are updated when the girl is mated, after ultrasound, ofcourse birth /usualy with video/ and you know in what order you are able to choose. If as a first one for red female from Geta for example or second.

2. Without bookinge fee. Of course you can be still interested, but you wouldnt send booking fee. But then you had to check regulary my website if and which puppy is available and contact me again. I got like from three to eight emails, whatsapp messages and call everyday so I am not able to write to everybody back when the puppies are born and etc.

That's the reason I choose to sort out with whom I spend time changing all that info.

All our puppies has FCI export pedigree.

In case of interest don´t hasitate to contact us . All your questions will be replied

After many questions I decide to make a video for you, there are answers for example for:
- where are my dogs from
- where they live
- how it works to import Sirius Nova puppy

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